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What my clients have to say...

Many of my clients are very successful in their personal or professional lives but unsure about their future and came to me through personal recommendations and through social media.  (names have been changed for privacy).


“The coaching sessions with Erika were brilliant as we discussed the issues I had and then with Erika’s skills she helped me so much in setting goals for myself on a daily basis, then weekly and monthly. I surprised myself during the coaching sessions with how I loved journaling daily and writing out a Gratitude list. I looked forward to our weekly coaching sessions and I was surprised how useful and productive the sessions were for me and for my husband. He enjoyed hearing how happy I was doing the sessions."


"Erika has given me the courage and confidence that I lacked to make changes that will bring me on that new path. She has been my anchor during this turbulent time but above all a wonderful, encouraging and life affirming coach. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who needs support and clarity in moving forward in their lives."


“Erika was able to make me feel relaxed with the whole situation and had the ability to let me describe my stage of life. She obviously understood me as her following questions were right to the point. One of the things I enjoyed most was the small challenges/topics Erika asked me to think about between sessions. Subjects that I had taken mostly for granted. 
I would definitely recommend Erika as a coach to any other recently retired person knowing that they, as I have, would be met by a positive and understanding person who could help them with a deeper understanding of their situation.”
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