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Embrace the future with Erika Life Coaching

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What we do together

  • Life stage transitions 

  • Adjustment to retirement 

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Navigating relationships

  • Adjustment to repatriation after expat life

  • Relocating family to a new life

  • Career/work role change​

  • Personal growth

  • Strength work

  • Facilitating new strategies

  • Learning new approaches

  • Building awareness to make better decisions

  • Change in thinking

  • Increase in confidence

  • Letting go

  • Stress management & coping skills

  • Finding your Ikigai for more meaning and fulfilment

Life stage transitions

You may be experiencing or have recently experienced a transition from a long-term relationship, from a work role, into a new job, moved to a new country, your children have left home, or you are entering retirement. Life coaching during these transitions allows you to take that first step in navigating and embracing this new chapter in your life. This time allows you to explore your feelings and opinions before or during the change you are experiencing, support you to gather resources, develop strategies and gain perspective and wisdom to help you move forward.

Improving relationships

Whether you are single and looking for a relationship, in a relationship going through challenges or you are trying to move on from a relationship, life coaching can support you to untangle your thoughts, to work out what you want in a relationship, how to find a deeper connection with your partner and guide you through your issues. The time offers you a safe space to face your fears, gain a better understanding and perspective, and set new inspiring relationship goals.

Adjustment to retirement

Our perception of success and life meaning can be defined by our work role and the impact of this loss may also have spill-over effects in other areas of our lives. Positive psychology life coaching at this transition phase can support a person to build strong coping strategies and resources. The coaching sessions allow time for reflection and self-evaluation to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of the retirement process. An increase in self-awareness allows a person to identify how they want to live their lives, develop a new routine and structure to improve daily life and increase their wellbeing.

Well-being & personal growth

It can be hard to find time for self-care and sometimes it can feel self-indulgent when we do. It is vital we adopt of a kinder approach to ourselves, the way we would for a friend in need and to learn to love and cherish our mind, body and soul. Life coaching to look after and improve a person's wellbeing means they are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. And by focussing on what matters most and what makes us feel good, in turn helps us to better support those around us.

How can life coaching support you?

Who Is Life Coaching For?

Many of us lie awake at night feeling overwhelmed and worrying about how to deal with life’s challenges and the unsettling changes we face, which can make us fearful of the future. Sometimes transitions are unexpected and cause stress and anxiety.  This can make us feel vulnerable, frustrated or uncertain about the challenges we face. 

You may feel a lack of direction in your work and career or you have recently retired and feel you have lost your identity and purpose. If your children have left home you may be feeling empty and fearful of how to fill your time. You may be spending most of your time caring for others at the neglect of your own wellbeing. Or you are searching for alternative ways to live a more meaningful life. 

Why Choose a Life Coach?

Life coaching offers you the opportunity to take back control of your life, reflect on the reality of important life ambitions and commit to meaningful goals. As you adjust your new life circumstances, this can lead you on a path of living a life with more meaning and purpose and reclaim your definition of happiness. 

We all hold unique strengths and the courage within to find solutions and gain clarity on how we can to adapt to life’s challenges. By identifying what you want and why, is the starting point of taking that first step and is progress in achieving what may not seem possible. 

If you think life coaching is for you, or you have any specific questions, please send me a message in the contact section below. 

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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